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Questions about pads and liners

What is the difference between panty liners and pads?

The difference is actually similar to the well-known panty liners and pads made of cellulose.

A panty liner is just a thin layer of protection for your underwear. A panty liner cannot absorb large amounts of liquid and therefore offers no protection during your period.

The panty liner in the size "Normal" has the same dimensions as the pad size S from MOMIJI. The pads are just a tiny bit thicker because they have an absorbent core. And the cloth pad has an integrated PU layer as a liquid barrier.

Can I put cloth pads in the tumble dryer?

We advise not to dry it in the tumble dryer. The pads stay beautiful the longest and keep an intact PU moisture barrier if you simply let them air dry.

Are the cloth pads vegan?

The cloth pads in our shop are of course free of animal components (animal wool) and therefore vegan.

Questions about Levantine sponges

Can I boil the sponge after using it?

A natural sponge must not come into contact with boiling water because it solely consists of natural fibres. If the sponge gets very dirty, it can be washed in a laundry bag in the wool programme.

Can I also use the sponge after the pregnancy in the postpartum period?

No, you should absolutely not use sponges, tampons or cups during the lochia. For this time we recommend our washable cloth pads or period underwear.

How long can I use the sponge?

It should not be used for more than one year. The sponges are an ancient, traditional method of menstrual hygiene. It's impossible to say exactly how often you should use the same sponge, because a lot depends on how responsible you are with your own body and how carefully you take care of the sponge.

Questions about cleaning cups

Can I also use the Travel Cleaning Cup as a drinking cup?

Yes, it is made of food grade silicone.

Can I wash the Me Luna Cleaning Cups in the dishwasher?

Yes, both the Travel Cleaning Cup and the Cleaning Cup with lid can go in the dishwasher.

Can I also use the Travel Cleaning Cup for Milton disinfection?

The silicone cup can also be used to make cleaning solutions.

For a thorough disinfection of your Me Luna Cup with the Milton MINI tablets, a sufficient dosage must be ensured.

The mug holds 225ml. A small Milton tablet can be dissolved in 75-100ml of water. So please dose 2-3 pieces per disinfection process.

Can the Travel Cleaning Cup be put in the microwave even though the rim is made of metal?

This cleaning cup was specially developed for use in the microwave.

The metal rim is made of uncoated pure stainless steel.

It is often pointed out that metal should not be allowed in a microwave oven. That's not quite true. The entire interior of a microwave is indeed made of metal. However, you should never put thin metallic foils or cutlery and dishes with metallic decorations (including gold ornaments on plates) in the microwave, as they can melt! Even the microwave oven can be damaged in the worst case.

But you should always be careful with your pots, pans and other containers, because you can not be sure how solid the material is or which other metals have been used. Aluminum is absolutely taboo!

Questions about the loofah pad

How can I wash the loofah pad?

Products made from loofah are easy to wash and are also very resistant to heat and detergents. It is often used as a cleaning sponge.

It should also be possible to clean loofah sponges in the washing machine. We have no personal experience with this. You can definitely soak it in the hand wash basin with detergent and also disinfect it with boiling water.

Questions about cloth bags

How do I wash the cloth bag?

In order to keep enjoying your nice small bag for a long time, we recommend washing it by hand at a low temperature without fabric softener. Washable with a mild detergent up to 30°C.

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