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Bamboo straws including brush

Product no.: U-4540

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These drinking straws are made entirely of bamboo and enchant every cocktail with their trendy eco look! They are resistant, do not distort the aroma of your drinks in any way and are easy to clean. You can reuse the bamboo straws as often as you like! The set of 12 including cleaning brush is the ideal accessory for parties, cocktail bars and sustainable households.

Scope of delivery: 12 bamboo drinking straws and 1 cleaning brush.
Dimensions: length = approx. 20cm, outer diameter = 5-8mm

  • Packed plastic-free in cardboard
  • A unique natural product for reusable use
  • For at home, at events and in professional catering
  • untreated, free of pollutants, cold and heat resistant, tasteless
  • Wash straws before first use and always clean them immediately after use

Join the Zero Waste Movement!

Plastic straws have long been discredited, and there are several reasons for this. As typical disposable products, they unnecessarily pollute nature and make many living things sick. You no longer have to worry about these straws.

What are the benefits of bamboo straws?

The drinking straws don't just look like small, pretty bamboo tubes - they are made of 100% bamboo wood! Bamboo is a sustainable raw material that grows many centimeters a day - and it is free of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and without any artificial irrigation.
With their eco look, the straws have a clear advantage over drinking tubes made of stainless steel, paper or glass. They are ideal for cocktails, tiki drinks, juices, milkshakes and much more.
The drinking straws from Bambuswald are supplied as a pack of 12 including a cleaning brush in a cardboard box (100% plastic-free!). They are odorless and tasteless and prove to be cold and heat resistant.

A first class natural product

Since it is a natural product, each straw is unique in size, color & shape. The diameters vary between 5-8mm outside and 3-6mm inside. The length is about 20-20.5cm. The bamboo straws are only ground and are otherwise untreated. Therefore, you should wash the straws before using them for the first time and always rinse them after use or clean them with the brush provided.