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A menstrual cup must be easy to insert and then unfold fully inside the vagina. Only then will it work perfectly and form a proper seal. Pressure from the surrounding muscles must not prevent the menstrual cup from unfolding. A menstrual cup should not remain pressed flat under any circumstances. The material must therefore have a certain amount of tension. Being able to insert and position a menstrual cup quickly and simply is also something that many users really appreciate. This is another reason why a menstrual cup must have enough tension.

However, it goes without saying that the cup should not feel uncomfortably hard for you. A menstrual cup should create no sensation of pressure whatsoever.

When inserted, and provided your cup fits and is in the correct position, you will not feel a thing. You will only feel a sensation of pressure if the cup is not sitting correctly and is too big for you. The degree of softness is not to blame in this case, but the dimensions of the menstrual cup.

The medium soft Cup


Me Luna Cup Classic

Classic softness level means medium soft. Me Luna Classic is our best-selling menstrual cup. That is why it is also available in a wide range of colors.

When you first start using a menstrual cup, this softness level will probably be the right one for you to start with.

Me Luna Classic is still pleasantly soft and at the same time firm enough so that the menstrual cup can unfold after insertion.

Me Luna Classic is found by most to be comfortable and not too hard. However, unfolding the cup can be a bit tedious and take some time if the pelvic floor muscles are well trained.

The firmer Cup


Me Luna Cup Sport

Me Luna Sport is a slightly harder menstrual cup. If you squeeze it, you can feel the force with which it springs back again. This resilience ensures that it can unfold perfectly against the pressure of the surrounding muscles and thus remains tight even during sporting activities.

Some find Me Luna Sport uncomfortable during insertion, but usually only during the first few uses. If you have strong pelvic floor muscles, you will probably get along well with the firmer cup, as the cup unfolds optimally and no repositioning is necessary.

We recommend Me Luna Sport for those who are more athletic than average and whose pelvic floor muscles are well trained. Some sports have a strong effect on the pelvic floor muscles. Particularly noteworthy are: yoga, horseback riding, Pilates, Kegel exercises, pole dance. If you practice the sports mentioned, then you should try Me Luna Sport.

But Me Luna Sport is also an option for everyone who appreciates the easy and quick unfolding of a menstrual cup.

The very soft Cup

Me Luna SOFT

Me Luna Cup Soft

The material feels very soft and can be easily compressed. However, a large part of the tension is lost in contrast to the harder Me Luna Cups. The Soft grade is very soft and therefore hardly bounces back. Insertion and unfolding of the Me Luna Soft is more difficult and requires significantly more skill and patience. If the pressure from the surrounding muscles is too great, there is a risk that the menstrual cup will not unfold properly inside the vagina and then not seal. For these reasons, we only rarely recommend the Me Luna Soft and under very specific conditions.

Who is the Me Luna Soft suitable for? Sometimes it can make sense to use a very soft material and spend more time inserting and properly inflating the menstrual cup. If you are particularly sensitive to pressure and pain due to inflammation of the ureters or other changes, you may need this very soft menstrual cup.

A very soft menstrual cup does not offer any advantages in terms of application or better sealing.

Cup Firmness