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  • Zero waste products
  • Personal size advice
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We make ourselves more comfortable at home again and design our living space with favorite colors.

The knitted towels are very functional and can be used as a towel or cleaning cloth in the kitchen or bathroom.

The Danish designer Dorte Soland Wang supplies us with the beautiful knitted towels and wiping rags made from 100% cotton.

The designer’s grandmother turned old thread scraps into wipes that she knitted herself. Because 40, 50 years ago, nothing was wasted in the household. This philosophy is the basis for the knitted scarves and rags from Solwang Design.

Feel fresh!

Small, light and practical.

This small nozzle converts your commercially available plastic bottle into your personal intimate shower. It works like a mini showerhead. Once you tilt the bottle, the water bubbles out.

You also get several rubber adapters, so your INTIMO will be compatible with different beverage bottles.

Me Luna INTIMO is the small discreet intimate shower when you're on the go.

The liquid Me Luna hand cleaner helps you perfectly and is skin-friendly. For quick hand disinfection on the go, without water and a towel.

Once again no sink within reach?

♥ made with organic raw materials

♥ kind to the skin, vegan

♥ fungicidal, bactericidal, effective against enveloped viruses

This bottle is practically small for the handbag. The quality is good and so you can always fill it when it is empty and continue to use it. Save unnecessary packaging waste.

Ideal for daily use when on the go. Antibacterial hygienic and fresh without water or towel. The hand cleansing gel is unperfumed. It contains only ethanol and water and is vegan.

Practical for daily use when on the go. Gentle cleansing without water and towel. Extra soft and gentle to the skin. pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, biodegradable.

Closable, space-saving foldable disinfection cup for your Me Luna. Made from food safe, microwavable silicone. Can also be used as drinking cup during outdoor activities!

Made for us!

Me Luna lubricant is a water-based lubricant with regenerative, skin-protecting aloe vera. The mucous membrane compatibility has been dermatologically confirmed.

♥ No colourants and preservatives

♥ fat- & perfume free

♥ neutral in scent & taste

♥ free of animal ingredients and produced without animal testing

When inserting the menstrual cup, I like to use a little lubricant. It's easier this way ;-)

You can use this cord to tie at with a Me Luna menstrual cup ring so you have an aid for your first applications. Similar to a tampon, you now have more security for the removal of the menstrual cup.

Ring plus stem. The practical NUPSi supports you and helps inexperienced users to be more safe when removing the cup.

This beautiful Borosilicate glass is ideal for regularly disinfecting your Me Luna menstrual cup. Double-walled & Heat-resistant


Many of you combine different options for menstrual hygiene. Sometimes a tampon is really useful - but it should be made of organic cotton.

The advantages of MASMI Organic Care really convinced us!

MASMI does not use cellulose pulp obtained from clearing trees for any of its products.

Under optimal conditions, the products are more than 95% biodegradable. Midwives, gynecologists and dermatologists recommend cotton products for intimate hygiene because they are very skin-friendly and anti-allergic and prevent skin irritation.

The washable make-up removal pads made of organic cotton are the sustainable zero waste alternative for your bathroom. The reusable cotton pads are perfect for every skin type.

No more nonsensical pollution - use the bamboo sticks from bambuswald instead! The cotton swabs are a 100% organic product and absolutely harmless for small children.

With the Bamboo toothbrush from EcoYou you can achieve sustainable and natural dental care. Bamboo is biodegradable and is one of the fastest growing plants.

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